Howard Fine

American acting teacher, celebrity acting coach, Broadway theatre director, and author. 

Lisa is an outstanding and insightful teacher, she is able to truly help actors find and use their authentic selves. 


Sara Quon

Sovereign Hill CEO

Lisa’s stage presence is exceptional and her ability to portray diverse character roles, each with such a different tone and approach, shows the breadth and depth of her skill in the interpretive craft.  


Kieran Carroll

Australian Playwright and Director

As the writer and director of the very successful production, The Truth is Longer Than a Lie, a confronting work about child abuse, Lisa Laine played pivotal and varied roles with great aplomb and dedication to her craft. Lisa was an original member of the larger production, and then the more portable production, between 2015 and 2019. Throughout, she displayed warm generosity within the ensemble, rigorous thinking to her roles and a high degree of professionalism. Lisa has a wealth of knowledge and experience to pass on to any aspiring actor. These valuable skills are complimented by a strong working knowledge of both historical and contemporary theatre. I recommend her highly as actor, teacher and motivator.


Andi Snelling

multi-award winning actor, theatre maker and creative entrepreneur 

Lisa has an innate understanding of how to get an actor connecting with the human that is always sitting underneath. She has a kindness and patience that creates a truly safe working environment for any actor or person wishing to step more organically into their role. 


You can rest assured that when you work with Lisa, there will be some sort of powerful breakthrough that will shift you both personally and professionally.


Barry Kay

Museum Training & Interpretive Quality Lead and Museum Theatre Professional

Lisa is a gifted, compassionate, perceptive and intelligent artist with high-standards and the skills to achieve them. She is also an excellent and generous teacher, able to draw the best from fellow artists. I have always valued her input into all aspects of the development of theatre enterprises.


Belinda Eden

Director of Troop Events

I’ve been blessed to know Lisa for the past couple of years and I’ve worked alongside her both in a professional and personal aspect.


The one thing that Lisa provides you with is the element of being seen. 

She sees you as the person you are and what you have to offer as oneself.

Knowing and working with Lisa, you will feel supported and nurtured with gentle guidance and love.


Zara Jarvis

Founder and Director of SoundCheck Studios

I have worked with Lisa as both a fellow performer and as a coaching colleague at a performing arts school in my career. 


Lisa is truly one of a kind when it comes to her coaching. Her approach to breaking down a script, creating a character and making interesting choices has been incredibly transformative for the students she has worked with. 


I most appreciate Lisa’s encouraging and intuitive ability to bring out the best in not only the students that she is coaching, but also the colleagues and people she is surrounded by. 


Her authentic approach to coaching leaves her students feeling really seen, and gives them a genuine power to see themselves in any role they are playing. 


I would highly recommend Lisa as a coach, mentor, colleague or employee to anyone! 


Laura gay

Sensory Manager, T2M Sensory

Lisa Laine is a true gem! She has the most incredible intuition to see past the exterior & can individuate where you might need support in regards to both acting coaching & personal self growth very quickly! 


Lisa can bring things out of you that you didn’t know were there or think you would be capable of, whether it be in your acting craft or for personal development, public speaking etc- she will meet you where you’re at and give practical tools to get you where you want to be professionally or bring out the best version of yourself. 


Her presence is electric, easy and nurturing, nothing is taboo. She is honest & nurturing in what can be a very confrontational process at times. She will shine light where there was uncertainty and darkness. The only thing you need - is to be ready & open for the next chapter in your journey. 

Jessica Rose

Actor and former student 

Firstly Lisa’s capacity as an actor will forever be imprinted in my memory. She brought to life the character of ‘Hedda Gabler’ with an aliveness and authenticity that inspired me to follow suit. That to me is a great teacher! One who inspires through their work and who they are. 


Lisa as a teacher is a gift to experience. She shares her knowledge generously, as well as creating a space to be fully safe to explore and play without being afraid to guide you past your own limitations. She conducts herself with lightness, commitment and fun in all the work. 

Finally, Lisa as a human being is incredibly gracious and you will leave her presence being seen and heard.


Cannot recommend highly enough working with her in whatever capacity.