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Lisa laine

Actor. Coach. Producer. Director.

In Lisa’s words:


I came to acting in high school, where, by a stroke of sweet serendipity the closest regional theatre happened to be run by a formidable Grand Ole Dame of the theatre, Ralda Nash. An RADA grad who’d worked with the London Repertory Theatre and with Sir Laurence Olivier, Ralda had a penchant for chain-smoking cigarettes in cigarette holders, banning yawns, and threatening to throw chairs at her actors if they defied her direction. Ralda lived and breathed the beautiful Dorrigo Dramatic Club, William Shakespeare, and all things theatre, and she passed on this love to me. I was hooked, and was cast in several productions with Ralda throughout my teenage years. 


As blessed as I was to have worked with such an amazing woman, Ralda’s techniques were as old as The Globe, and it took me some time to unlearn certain on-stage habits which had long since lost their relevance. Habits like ‘knowing how to stand’ (straight-backed, with one foot toward your audience and one toward your scene partner), how to say lines, ensuring certain inflections on ‘this’ line, and a particular intonation on ‘that’ line. Directions that were well meaning, but left the actor in a constant state of physical self-awareness on stage; bound to the instruction, and dead to authentic expression in the present moment. 


I found Howard Fine many years later, and although I’d been working professionally before coming under his tutelage (and the other faculty of the Australian studio), the techniques that he taught were as though a light had been switched on in my soul, and suddenly, it all made sense. 


With Howard’s techniques I was finally able to understand *why* my characters behaved the way they did, so that all of my movements on stage, my voice, my physicality, my impulses, my expressions  all emerged organically from really understanding who I was as the character, where I was, and what was taking place around me. Revolutionary! 


Leaning heavily from Howard’s work and my years of  experience in theatre and for television, I now pass on what I’ve learned through classes, workshops and courses for actors at any level of development. 

TV Credits include

  • La Brea 

  • Neighbours 

  • Canal Road

  • City Homicide

  • Mystery of a Hansom Cab

  • Blue Heelers 

TVCs include

  • Australian Federal Government

  • MIFF

  • Bank of Melbourne 

  • FIAT

  • Kmart

  • Target 

  • Medibank Private

short films include

  • The Boss - Full Mumsies Productions

  • Anise - Goldfish Productions

  • Zero - Smellin Brothers


Lisa Laine